Dieting Know More®, a four-level program


“I felt calmer after the Interview. There was an understanding about my eating patterns. There was a change in my eating. The part that is the Soother Eater calmed down. The Portion Controler calmed down. There was less struggle to eat less.”

“The two hour Interview was more revealing than I ever expected. I was afraid of what to expect when I first walked in but Yolanda quickly honored my apprehensions and made it a safe space in which to discover the different Selves who use and abuse food.”

“I am excited to know that there is another alternative to my weight problem other than dieting…I leave today with hope of a healthier life. Thank you.”

“…It (the Inteview) allowed me to think about the why, how and when of my relationship to food and my feelings that I never thought about at this level.”

“I found the Interview very challenging. There are things about my food issues that I knew but never heard as loud as I did…The Interview is the beginning of a new journey…”

“I am enjoying the idea of food without having to have it all. The edge is gone, calmed down. I get excited about having the choices but not having to make one. I don't have the need to have a volume of it. The frenzy of the eating is not there.”

“What do I really want? This question feels new. The old question was, "what should I have, what to eat in front of people, what is the right thing to do, I should not eat this, I should eat that because I am fat.”

“I lost myself, now I am coming back. My brain is more clear. There is more inner talking. Around dinner, my head about counting and keeping track has calmed down. I feel I have no issue with food. It is less about feeling the void. It is not about eating just to eat. It is more about eating because I am hungry.”

“Before I ate whatever. Now I don't eat as much. I am tasting more, eat slower. I am interested in quality than quantity.”

“The urgency to gather and fill a void is no longer there. I am not going for it. There is no "Ravishing Eater". The "Secret Eater" is not present. The wire is cut. I am eating differently.”