Dieting Know More®, a four-level program

The Ultimate Force Eater

Who are you, what do you do for Pam?

I am uncontrollable. She is not under control when I am there. There is no thought to what I am doing. I get what I want all the time. No thinking about it. Just do it. I take into my hands what I want. When I come in there are NO other selves. When I come in there is nothingness. No discussion. No dialogue. My goal is to shut her down, turn it all off. And I do that by feeding her. I donít want to talk, feel or think. She is in oblivion at that point. There is nothing to concern her. When I come in there is sheer nothingness. I come out if something happens and she could not control it. I come in and take the hit. I keep her safe. I am always here. I will always be here when she does need me.

Who sits on the other side?

The one who would had melted/disintegrated. The one who feels too much of the devastation. When I am there nothing gets felt. The other side feels everything.


She (The Ultimate Force) shuts me (Pam) down to protect me. She takes me out of the craziness of the moment. She helped me go through all the terrible things that happened in the course of my life. She allowed me to take so much dysfunction and abuse that the average person could have not taken.


She feels nothing. I will never stand up for myself because she shuts me down. She shuts down even the ability to be assertive. I put on weight. She took my voice.

The Health Eater

Who are you and what do you do for Ann?

I want to be able to eat without any messages or guilt. The food is not an issue. I just want to eat and be a normal person. I want healthy portions meals that you feel full and satisfied. I want to taste the food. I want to be able to say no when I am offered food and mean it. I do not want to be fat. I come in a whisper. I used to be bigger in her life. I am around when she wants attention. When she wants people to look at her. I get her attention. I get her to feel good. I know how she needs to eat. I know how she should look. I am her limits, her boundaries. I am her ability to say no.

Who is opposite from you?

The fat old pretty wasted-away woman, coming from family messages and history.

The Soothing M&Mís Eater

Who are you and what do you do for Angie?

I am the person who has hard time coping. Food is the only way I know how to cope. I keep her hidden, pushed away. I sooth her. I fit in with the fatties and overeaters. I need M & M's Just to keep eating, my hands are busy, my mouth is busy, my brain is busy, my taste buds are busy. They have something to do. It calms her. I do not stop until the bag is empty. I like picking foods, it has to be "keep eating", a bag of something. When I am present she only thinks and tastes the food. No thoughts about feelings. No sensation about feelings, especially anxiety and boredom. I am very particular. I do it with M&M's -peanut

When did you come in?

I have been around a long time. She was 16-17years old. She quit HS and I spend the summer eating OREO cookies.


She (the Soothing M&M Eater) takes me(Angie) to a place where there are no other thoughts or feelings. She keeps my feelings pushed down. She keeps me numb. This is how she sooths me.


She doesnít stop. She is wolfing theM&Mís down. She is not in touch with my body.

The Dining Connoisseur Eater

Who are you in George?

I light up around food. I love food. I am the one who brings pleasure to him. I find restaurants, I go to tastings, I like to wine and dine.I love to mix flavors. I go off the menu. I am entitled to have an amazing meal.I love a dining experience. I want the right food, right service, to be accommodated.

How long you have been there?

Ever since he could afford it. Ever since he had money.



He wants to control everything. Arrogant. Not caring about other peopleís feelings. I cannot enjoy or relax. No connection to my body, food or people.

The Pizza Eater

Who are you in Sam?

I order Pizza. I taste the flavor. I eat for taste/flavor. I like the sauce/salt/cheese/bread and how they mix together.

How long youíve been around/ when did you come in?

Since teenage years. He used to train in martial arts. 11-13 years old away from home. I will go for quick and easy meals. That became my gourmet food since my mom did not cook. Only microwaved meals. Gave food from cans, Campells soups, string beans from cans, dry steak from freezer bags, no flavor, turkey with the jelleton around it, mooshed bread. Pizza flavors I discovered when he was a teenager. I was the one to introduce him first to flavor.

The Automatic Pilot Eater

Who are you in Peter?

I am where he goes when things do not manifest the way he has them in his mind. I get disappointed, frustrated and sad. I help him numb out, sooth him, quiet his mind down through food and TV watching. I give him a break from rules. I donít give him any rules. He can eat as much as he wants, watch TV until 2-3 in the morning. I get him out of heaviness of living. I help him escape.

When I am around, food has:

  1. No limits
  2. Gets whatever flavor he wants
  3. Doesnít care who is around him, watching him.
  4. He doesnít breath
  5. He inhales food
  6. No break
  7. He sweats
  8. It is like a marathon, fast, ferocious

This way of eating takes his mind away from whatever he tries to escape:

  1. Office
  2. Relationship stress
  3. Frustration with his body

Who sits on the opposite side?

Responsible self.


He (The Automatic Eater)helps me(Peter) unplug from the responsibilities. He helps me escape his world. He gets me out of his head and numb his emotions.


Doesnít get productive staff done. I put on weight. Not connected to me body.

The "I Need Something Else" Eater

Who are you and what you do for Marrisa?

I like to eat.I like those things that are about pleasure. I have to fight with rules. Life is so short. Who cares what your weight is. Just buy bigger clothes. Deprivation. You cannot have that. You have to weigh this, You have to weigh that...I come in when enough is enough.. I give her whatís good. I give her everything that I really want. There is never enough. I keep having. It is not in my vocabulary to say that is enough. I am all about abundance.

Who is on the other side? Who sits opposite of you?

Nutrition. All the how you suppose to eat, what you suppose to have.


She (The I need something else Eater) is so much fun. Has lots of energy. She is total enjoyment.


She does not know when to stop.

The No Deprivation Eater

Who are you, what do you do for Janet?

I will not be deprived. I do not like the notion of good/bad foods. I do not like being granted permission, or measuring. I give her temporary permission. I cannot live with life long deprivation of anything. Withholding is not necessary. It makes me angry.

When did you come in?

When I saw the candy draw in her friendís house when she was young. I thought that is the way it should be. If I cannot have one here and there, feel like it or not, then I store up the desire and the only thing to satisfy the desire is a binge because I do not know when the next time will be.

The Pleasure/Volume Eater

Who are you, what do you do for Tom?

I come in when he is upset about something. I come to give him pleasure. I make him happy every time. I reminisce about a good meal and think about the next good meal. I need volume because I want to take it all into him. I do not savor food in his mouth. I pack it. I am not in touch with his belly. I donít like a lot of rules about food like: prohibited foods, limited amounts, combinations that shouldnít go together. When I am there, there is nothing more important than eating.


He (The Pleasure/Volume Eater) offers me (Tom) protection from painful feelings. He brings respite and pleasure in my life.


He is not in touch with my body. He is not concerned or aware at all about my health or weight.